Sedgwick Fire Brigade

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The fire of 1914 that swept through Sedgwick. Read More >

On November 30th 1942 a public meeting was convened by Cr. C Wirth for the purpose of forming a Bush-fire brigade. The following were elected officers that night President Cr. C Wirth, Secretary N. A. Steen, Captain Mr T Young, Vice Captains H Semmens and C Wirth.

1942– December 28th: Sedgwick Brigade registered with Victorian Bush-fire Brigades Association. Firebeaters ordered.

1943– November: The first 6 “Regan knapsack sprays supplied to Brigade by Forest Commission.

1944– January 14th: The last big fire to burn through the Sedgwick District, burnt from Ravenswood to near Kynton.


February meeting: A minute of appreciation was passed at that meeting “to recognise the fine work done by the Brennan family in the operation of the telephone service (continually for almost three days) and also in the manner in which they directed fire fighters to where they were urgently required.”

October: J Drechsler appointed Captain. Brigade representitives attended first group meeting in Bendigo.

December: One 120 gallon tank with pump and hose received from Forests Commission.

1950– The Brigade had 1×400 Gallon tank, 2×200 Gallon and 1×180 Gallon tank. Applied for a power pump. Sedgwick first entered team in competitions.

1952– Power pump supplied by C.F.A. to put on 400 Gallon tank.

1953– Clive Wilkin showed his model of a loading ramp. The ramp he designed would enable a fully filled 400 Gallon tank and motor to be loaded onto a truck. The Brigade installed one of the ramps in 1955, this facility created great interest with the C.F.A. building some of the ramps in different districts around Victoria.

1957– Sedgwick won driving and pumping event at the State Demo. Team was P. Brennan, C. Wilkins, A. Story, E. Osborne, and J. Kerr.

1963– The Strathfieldsaye Group of Rural Brigades formed.

1969– The brigade received its first C.F.A. truck. An Austin 300 gal. capaciy.

1970– Two way radio put in truck.


1975– Opening of the new Fire Shed.

1972– Austin Truck replaced with International truck also 300 gal. capacity.

1979– Fire Reporting Service started. The four phones were connected at the homes of G. Wilkins, M. Drechsler, B. Conway and Jack Drechsler.

1983– Started to raise money for a “Brigade owned” second truck.

1984– Radio put in Captain’s vehicle.

1986– Brigade received Acco four wheel drive 3000 ltr. capacity truck replacement. Manual Siren fitted at shed.

1987– An International truck was purchased by the Brigade and tank and motor fitted by C.F.A. This vehicle is the property of, and controlled by the Sedgwick Brigade.

The Sedgwick Fire Brigade has provided a great service to Sedgwick and surrounding areas on numerous occasions over it fifty years of existence. In recent years brigade members have fought fires in various part of Victoria. E.g. Mt Macedon, Hattah National Park, and Maryborough.


There have been some officers and members of the brigade who have served the district for long periods. E.g. Norm Steen was Secretary for the first 20 years., and took a keen interest throughout the brigade’s 50 years. The late Jack Drechsler was Captain for 29 years. until 1973, and was then succeeded by his son Vin, who was Captain for 19 years. Other officers who have served for long periods are Paul Brennan 24 years., Glen Wilkin 20 years., Bernie Conway 31 years. and the late Bill Drechsler 25 years.