Neighbourhood Groups, Contact Lists and Street Directory

To improve preparedness for fire, the area covered by the Brigade has been divided into ten neighbourhood groups.

Neighbourhood Groups

Boyd & Claremont Roads

  • Properties entered from Boyd & Claremont Roads plus Sedgwick Road (odd nos 575-705)
  • Coordinator: Seeking volunteer – contact Julian Hall M: 0447 404 997

Ford Road

  • Properties entered from Bryden, Fenton, Ford & Moffat Roads
  • Coordinator: Kim Howell  H: 5439 6540  E:

Heritage Drive

  • Properties entered from Heritage, Stringybark and 935 Sedgwick Road
  • Coordinator: Greta Jenkins M: 0409 877 757 E:

Mandurang South Road

  • Properties entered from Blossett, Daley, Kerrs, Maloney, and Mandurang South Roads
  • Coordinator: Sue Walton H: 5439 6342 E:

North Harcourt Road

  • Properties entered from North Harcourt and Wilkinsons Roads
  • Coordinator: Louise McEwan  H: 5439 6292  E:

Sedgwick Central

  • Properties entered from Lemon Tree Lane and Sedgwick Road (even nos 674-960 and odd nos 747-807)
  • Coordinator: Julian Hall  H:5439 6097 E:

Sedgwick North

  • Properties entered from Conway, Costas, Glen Clare and Hogans Roads plus Sedgwick Road (263 + even nos 332-570)
  • Coordinator: Terry Smith  H: 5439 6472 E:

Sedgwick South

  • Properties entered from Axe Creek, Everode, Grays, McCarthy, Peney and Sutton Grange Roads and Wilkinson Lane
  • Seeking volunteer – contact Julian Hall  H:5439 6097 E:

Springs Road

  • Properties entered from Broadbent, Hollingdrake Roads, 610 Sedgwick Rd, and Springs Road
  • Coordinator: Chris Weatheritt  M: 0438 929 172  E:

Storys and Cavagna Roads

  • Properties entered from Cavagna, Sedgwick Road (odd nos 345-497) and Storys Road)
  • Coordinator: Cathy Anderson  H: 5439 6585  E:

Directory and Contact Lists

We gather information from properties in the Brigade’s assignment area as the basis for two documents:

  • A Sedgwick Street Directory, one kept in each of the Brigade’s tankers to help us to respond effectively to fires. It gives information on property ownership, access information, and the availability of water (plus e.g. organic certification, hazardous chemicals location, etc). See also “How accessible is your property to a fire truck?”.

The Street Directory pages are normally displayed at the Brigade’s community events, to help maintain awareness of it, and accuracy of its data.

  • A set of ten Neighbourhood Contact Lists, each distributed to the residents within that neighbourhood, and available only to them (plus a copy is kept by the Brigade Community Safety Coordinator and  the Brigade Secretary in case of emergency). The Brigade does NOT alert residents to fires, but these lists should help neighbours to contact each other if there is a problem on their land, and to organise a local fire warning system if they wish.

This is maintained by the  Community Safety Coordinator, Julian Hall  M: 0447 404 997  E:

The Brigade fully supports the Sedgwick Connect Website proposal to collect email addresses for community notifications, but as we have undertaken not to share the neighbourhood details with other parties, we maintain separate lists.

You are encouraged to register your email address on Sedgwick Connect by filling in your details at the footer of this page. That way you will receive regular community updates by email as well as urgent news updates related to critical events affecting the community.