North Harcourt & Sedgwick Landcare Group

The North Harcourt & Sedgwick Landcare Group sits astride the main north – south ridge dividing the Loddon and Campaspe catchments, 20 kilometres south of Bendigo, 8 kilometres to the south is the town of Harcourt, located on the Calder Highway (A79). The area of the group is approximately 12,500 ha. Surrounding Landcare Groups include: Ravenswood LC, Sutton Grange LC, Axe Creek LC, Sheep Wash Creek LC and the Harcourt Valley LC Group.

The North Harcourt-Sedgwick Landcare group was among the first 20 landcare groups established in Victoria, forming in 1988. The group, with 85 members, has sponsored tree planting work, assisted landholders growing their own trees and collected locally indigenous seed for revegetation and is involved with “Tree Project”, co-ordinating seedling orders. In the past 5 years 22,000 seedlings have been delivered to members.

The group has also ran information sessions and field days for landholders on all topics related to landcare (eg. vermin and weed control, water catchments, tree planting and biodiversity).

The group has also ran a number of social activities to foster networking and shared learning between members.

Suspension of active operations

The North Harcourt & Sedgwick Landcare Group decided on 20th November 2014 to suspend active operations for at least a year. There has been no “new blood” on the committee for years, and attendance at functions has reduced. A break will allow us to revisit the Group’s future later with a clean slate.

Karoline Klein and Peter Hekmeijer will ensure that obligations (such as correspondence collection, insurance premiums) are met, so that the group can be reactivated when wished.

Karoline has also offered to continue the distribution of Tree Project trees: please email or ring 0427 417 498

Community members who are interested in re-activating the group or would like to initiate a specific project should contact Karoline Klein at the above contact details.